Required Parts

You are probably familiar with the WYSIWYG term (What you see is what you get). This applies to SF as well - and some. All the damaged panels you see in the pictures are going to need replacing (more at, along with the lights, trim and suspension/chassis components that have been bent or shattered.

Knowing that MG enthusiasts are parts hoarders, there may be some apparently valueless parts lying around your garage that could be helpful in getting SF back onto the road. So for information about the progress on Scarlet, and perhaps to help you clear your garage of unwanted 'junk' this page was put together. It's a list of all the various parts that we're after to rebuild SF, and a list of all the parts we've successfully sourced!

As Magnus Magnusson might say: "we've started, so we'll finish!"

Use the links on the right to find out more regarding the outstanding list of parts required to complete the rebuild.

Rob Bell


The bonnet was cambered by the impact and if this was all then it might have been a viable salvage item. However, the battery tray was also bent in the impact and thus the battery was thrown upwards into the under side of the bonnet. There are now a number of dents in this area which are unlikely to be 100% repairable - remember the bonnet is a large surface and needs to be warp / ripple free for the car to 'look right'.

Bootlid slam panel

The slam panel under the rear light clusters is damaged where it meets the rear wing. This may be repairable, but at this early stage it is difficult to say.

Exhaust finisher

Scarlet is fitted with a Mike Satur 'Daytona' quad pipe system. The 4 tail pipes are basically a pair of 'Y' pieces that bolt onto the exiting pipework and one of them was lost during the accident. I also think the pipe has bent slightly in this area so it is possible I need a new back box as well. Hopefully it is just the finisher - we shall see.

Front bumper

The front bumper is beyond repair and will need replacing. Fortunately the grills appear to have survived so I can flatten them out and re-use them.

Front Subframe

A preliminary inspection has revealed that the subframe appears to have escaped pretty much unscathed. The very front is a bit bent, just behind the bumper, but the main members appear to be warp / ripple free. A definitive answer to the 'replace or not' question will be made once it is removed from the car.

Front Wing

The front wing has, quite frankly had it. This is a definite replacement item, preferably in Flame Red. Fortunately it is a bolt on item so, providing the car is jigged and the inner panels are sorted out then it should just be a matter of unbolting the old one and bolting the new one back in place. To match the other side I also need a union/chequered flag wing badge and a side repeater.


One of the headlamps was completely destroyed and needs replacing. However the other one is 7 years old and will be quite dull in comparison to the new one. I may have to replace them both - we shall see. Also, the new lamp will need stripping down and the inner reflector painting. This is a modification I pioneered in 1998 and I will take some additional photographs as I am doing it to augment my 'how to' section on my own website. Update (01/03/03): collected second hand lens from MGF Centre, am working on obtaining the remainder of the light cluster.

Headlight panel

This part is suggested by Mike Satur, based upon photographs of the damage. I think he is referring to the metal surround the headlight unit sits in and the original one is pretty distorted.


Not sure what to do here. I need 1 indicator and side repeater and would like the smoked/clear lenses that were broken in the accident. However I have a full set of original orange ones already (that came with the car) so in the short term they are likely to be fitted to keep costs down. No point in buying new when I have serviceable, if slightly less attractive versions already.

Lower ball joint

Damage to the suspension doesn't appear to be as bad as feared. This is one of the three parts that is known to need replacing, the original one sheared, leaving part of the pin in the underside of the hub assembly - hopefully undoing the retaining bolt should allow this part to just drop out. Update (28/05/03) New lower ball joint obtained.

Lower rad panel

Another part suggested by Mike Satur. The bottom of the radiator is out of place and therefore it is logical to assume that the lower rad panel will need replacing. Until the stripdown commences we shall not know for sure.

n/s Battery tray

This is pretty badly bent and is very likely to need replacing. This is the inner panel that the battery is clamped to and during the accident it was bent longitudinally, popping the battery free.

n/s Wing mirror

Scarlet is an early F, therefore she has manually adjustable wing mirrors and one of them was damaged in the accident. Incredibly the glass has survived and only the mirror back is needed, but I suspect that the unit is only purchase-able as one.

Rear bumper

The accident was a dual impact and unfortunately this means that in addition to the frontal damage, the rear bumper is also beyond repair and needs replacing. Scarlet's rear bumper has an additional grille in the opening to hide the exhaust box and this, along with the mudflaps have survived and will be re-used.

Rear Bumper Box Sections (x2)

Removed the rear bumper today (22/03/03) and found that both the rear box sections that support the rear bumper need replacing. Full details of these parts can be found in the 'rebuild' section under today's date.

Rear Panel - Part Number: ADG 460070 & EQN 100010

During the strip out I came across heavy rusting on the rear panel under the carpet. This panel will need replacing and I intend to paint the new one to help prevent this happening again in the future.

Rear Wing

The rear wing is also in my opinion not salvageable and will need replacing. At this present moment I am not sure how this panel is mounted - it may be a welded on piece, so I don't know if I am going to be able to replace this part myself. A new one is definitely required though, preferably in Flame Red.

Shock absorber

Unfortunately, when the wheel became separated it was forced into the shock absorber, creating a large dent in the outer casing. Therefore this is the second of three parts that at this early stage are known to need replacing. As shocks should be replaced in pairs I shall need to do the other one as well. Lower shock bushes were also on their way out so I will do them at the same time. The image shows an original shock absorber (thanks Dieter) :-) Scarlet however is fitted with Spax Adjustables, I need to replace them with an adjustable type in order to match the rear (undamaged) ones.

Upper ball joint

This is the third of the three parts that are known to need replacing, it will also be one of the first to be done as re-fitting the wheel will enable me to move Scarlet off the drive and into the garage. The original part has separated parting the ball and socket. Update (01/03/03) Collected a second hand upper ball joint from Mike Satur (via Victoria at the MGF Centre). May want to replace it with a new one eventually, but the short-term mobility objective is now one step closer. Update (28/05/03) New upper ball joint obtained (do you want the old one back Mike?)


Scarlet has some pretty odd wheels (hey, I like 'em!) They are 16" TSW Blades, a 6J rim if I recall correctly. Pretty common so far, but I'm not finished yet! Bored with the fact that they were popping up on all kinds of 'boy racer mobiles' I had them painted in red and cream! (I told you they were pretty odd!) :-)Anyway, 2 of them are damaged, so I need to replace them. They shouldn't be too difficult to get hold of, but may be a little pricey. For information the paint colours are Rover Sandalwood Beige and Flame Red, obviously I won't be able to buy them like this, but I have irons in the fire already regarding painting the new ones to match...