Required Parts
You are probably familiar with the WYSIWYG term (What you see is what you get). This applies to SF as well - and some. All the damaged panels you see in the pictures are going to need replacing (more at, along with the lights, trim and suspension/chassis components that have been bent or shattered.

Knowing that MG enthusiasts are parts hoarders, there may be some apparently valueless parts lying around your garage that could be helpful in getting SF back onto the road. So for information about the progress on Scarlet, and perhaps to help you clear your garage of unwanted 'junk' this page was put together. It's a list of all the various parts that we're after to rebuild SF, and a list of all the parts we've successfully sourced!

As Magnus Magnusson might say: "we've started, so we'll finish!"

Use the links on the right to find out more regarding the outstanding list of parts required to complete the rebuild.

Rob Bell